Hymns of Devotion is a collection of 21st-century hymns written to the glory of God. These texts are rooted solely in Scripture and span the whole experience of the Christian life. Many of these hymns have been set to beautiful new melodies, while others have been fitted to existing, well-known tunes. This collection will be a useful resource for private meditation, group Bible study, and corporate worship—aiding Christ's church to “offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe” (Hebrews 12:28).

Jonathan Cruse has been greatly gifted by God in writing some splendid hymns, and I am privileged to commend this collection to the Christian public. They have been a blessing to me and I trust they will be to a wide company.

Eric J. Alexander | Former Sr. Minister, St. George’s-Tron Church, Glasgow, Scotland | Author, Hymns of Prayer

Jonathan Cruse’s hymns employ music and lyrics that congregations may actually use to bring unity to praise, and they are impeccably theological. With these, a congregation could unite and rediscover the lost art of exalting God’s majesty and glory. As a pastor, while I am satisfied with the host of proven hymns, these are some of the best steps in the right direction in my lifetime.

David W. Hall | Sr. Minister, Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA | Co-editor, On Reforming Worship

Hymns of Devotion is a treasury of fresh ways to praise our great God, whose mercies are new every morning. The lyrics are both simple and elegant in style. Their content is centered on Christ and steeped in the grace of the gospel. Their tone expresses wonder, joy, and thanksgiving. The words are joined with tunes that are, at the same time, both singable (and learnable by congregations) and moving, drawing not only our thoughts but also our affections to the triune God of glory.

Dennis E. Johnson | Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology  | Westminster Seminary California

These hymns are a treasury of truth that can be carried with us as a song in our heart. What a blessing!

Juniata Wible | Former Fine and Performing Arts Chair | International Christian School, Hong Kong

Scripture-filled and theologically sound, this collection of hymns is appropriate for both public worship and private devotions, pointing us to Christ and all that is in Him.

Simonetta Carr | Author, Christian Biographies for Young Readers

Cruse has created theologically informed, passionately penned new hymns in the spirit and on the shoulders of the hymn writers of the centuries. May these new hymns have a wide circulation, and Christ’s body the church have fresh Psalm-like lyrics to offer back to our Lord in her sung worship.

Douglas Bond | Author, New Reformation Hymns, The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts, the Mr. Pipes Series, and many others

Our congregation loves Jonathan Cruse’s contributions to modern hymnody. We have lately been using “O the Deep, Unbounded Riches” as a doxology, “Lamb, Precious Lamb” following the absolution, and many members are requesting frequent singing of “I Have Such a Gracious Father.” We look forward to adding more of these hymns in the future.

S. Edd Cathey | Pastor, Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church, California, MD

Hymns of Devotion resonates with the timeless truths of Scripture in brilliant verse. I found myself singing along with the beautiful tunes, encouraged to raise my voice in praise of our heavenly Father. This is a wonderful work, a gift of great delight for God’s people.

Mark A. Green | President, White Horse Inn