“A sinner saved by grace”
My daily theme must be.
Arise, my soul, and now embrace
This all-sufficient plea. 

A sinner to my core
In Adam’s fallen race,
But in Christ Jesus something more—
“A sinner saved by grace!”

When Satan, sin, and shame
Accuse me to my face,
I shield myself behind this claim—
“A sinner saved by grace!”

No harm can now befall,
No evil can displace
My ransomed soul when this my call—
“A sinner saved by grace!”

And when before the throne,
The Judge reviews my case,
My peace will be He loves to own
A sinner saved by grace.

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“A sinner saved by grace”—this is a phrase God's saints have held dear to their hearts for many years, and rightly so! In only five words we learn three important things about Christianity. First is that we are sinners. There is no getting around this and nothing will change that fact until we are glorified in Heaven. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans tells us. But it's not all bleak. There's a way out: salvation is offered to us. This is the second great truth, and it goes hand-in-hand with the third, which answers “how are we saved?” The answer is a resounding, “by grace!” It is nothing that we have done, but is all of God. This should be of great comfort to all in Christ. When Satan accuses us, when we fear if we are good enough, when we one day stand before the judgment throne, our hope and peace is that, though we are sinners, we are saved by grace.

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