O true, faithful Lord, we worship Your name
And bring to Your throne the highest acclaim.
Our voices now sounding in holy accord;
Our anthem resounding to You, faithful Lord.

Before we were formed You fashioned the plan
In covenant grace to save fallen man:
The Son would first heal us with life-blood out-poured,
The Spirit then seal us to You, faithful Lord.

Lord, faithless are we and certain to fail,
Yet this is our trust: Your grace will prevail.
Not one promise spoken from Your binding Word
Could ever be broken, O true, faithful Lord!

Lord, now we belong completely to You
And shall always be Your safeguarded few.
You’ve bound us forever with love’s lasting cord,
Which nothing can sever—Praise You, faithful Lord!

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This hymn was written one summer to supplement a Sunday school course I was teaching on covenant theology. Essentially, covenant theology explores the promises of God to His people throughout the Bible. If we really get down to the basics of Christianity, I'm not sure that there is anything much more comforting than knowing we have a God who does not break His promises. Although we have done everything to deserve God's punishment and displeasure, He promises us His love and mercy in Christ Jesus, and all who have turn to Him can expect just that. 2 Timothy 2:13 was in mind as I penned this text: “When we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.” From Genesis to Revelation, from first breath to last, truly we can say we have a faithful Lord.

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