O the deep, unbounded riches
Of God deserve our praise!
How unsearchable His judgments,
How marvelous His ways!
For who His thoughts has fathomed,
Or counsel to Him giv’n?
And who could make a debtor
Of God, the Lord of Heav’n?
For from and through and to Him
Are all things, now and then.
To Him be all the glory
Forevermore. Amen.


I was asked to compose a hymn based upon the doxology at the conclusion of Romans 11 for a forthcoming publication. As the aim was for churches to use this in their liturgies much like the Doxology or the Gloria Patri, I chose the tune THAXTED since its long meter would give me enough space to condense Paul’s grand thoughts into a single stanza. The hymn is a fairly straightforward rendering of the biblical text: the first two lines set verse 33, the next two verses 34-35, and the final two verse 36. As they beautifully extol the perfections of God, they are words worth studying and committing to memory, and hopefully this hymn will help you do just that.

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