There is a Place of blessèd peace
Prepared above for me,
Where earthly trials and troubles cease,
And burdened souls are freed.
God’s watchful eye and tender care
Will surely lead me there.

There is a Realm of calm repose
Where anxious hearts are stilled,
Where weary ones rest from their woes,
As God the Father willed.
Where none shall ever toil again,
Or suffer any pain.

There is a Land of sacred love
Where Christ sits on His throne,
And from this righteous seat above
He cares for all His own.
To God He daily intercedes
For His beloved’s needs.

There is a Home of holy joy
Where saints all sing God’s praise,
Where every heart and soul enjoys
The wonders of His grace.
There is no tear, no grief, no strife,
No death, just endless life.

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Each stanza of this hymn pictures a different aspect of the glories of Heaven. What defines this world? Verse 1 explores the peace from sin, as well as the fact that Heaven is a place personally prepared for us by our Savior; verse 2 reflects upon the rest from pain that awaits us; verse 3 the love of Christ that flows from His throne; and verse 4 the joy and praise that resounds from the saints who are there. The meter is but the rhyming scheme is ABABCC, which means that the final two lines are set off from the rest. They serve as something of an evaluation of the preceding lines. The tune, WIBLE, draws out the meditative and plaintive nature of this poem.

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